I am just an average person. I don’t work in the medical field. I have desk job. I know you are asking, “How much CPR/First Aid does someone with a desk job actually need?” Allow me to explain exactly how relevant CPR and First Aid training has been for my desk job…

In 2008, I completed my first CPR/First Aid class at the Expedition School while I was skating with TEXAS ROLLERGIRLS. A handful of us from each team attended the class in order for our league’s insurance to be valid. We giggled like little children while role playing as accident victims. We bandaged each other’s fake wounds, learned how to talk to the injured, and sang “Stayin’ Alive” at the top of our lungs using the disco beat to pump out chest compressions on the dummy (as we’d been taught). We cheered each other on, never imagining we would actually use any of our new crisis skills.

It wasn’t long after the class that I found myself tending to the wounded at roller derby practice. I couldn’t believe it, but I ended up getting really good at carrying on conversations with injured skaters on the edge of going into shock. I was able to assess the situation, ice pack a drama queen, or dial 911. I became a champ at buddy-taping fingers, and splinting broken legs. Throughout the years, I stayed current with refresher classes and maintained my CPR/First Aid certifications throughout my career as a rollergirl.

One day, as I sat at my desk grinding through the day’s workflow while jamming out to Pandora and rocking out in my tiny cube as usual — one of my coworkers suddenly collapsed…

Because of my training, I went into Auto-Pilot. I stayed calm and kept control of the situation. I knew exactly what to do!

I put my coworkers into action assisting, and began administering strong chest compressions…while singing “Stayin’ Alive” with the 911 dispatcher like Saturday night karaoke until EMS arrived.

My coworker’s pulse was nearly undetectable and required IV’s, intubation, a machine for chest compressions, and other marvels of science and medicine — it was intense! EMS worked for over an hour to stabilize my coworker enough for transport, the doors of the ambulance closed with EMS workers unsure whether their patient would be dead on arrival at the emergency room.

My co-worker walked to the edge of death, only to survive cardiac arrest and make a triumphant return to work 6 months later.

My CPR/First Aid training not only helped save my coworker’s life, it saved me as well. Knowing I had done everything in my power to save my coworker’s life gave me a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude for life. It’s fulfilling to know I played a part in my coworker’s return to work after 6 months and happy retirement 3 years later.

CPR/First Aid training is definitely a skillset everyone (regardless of having a desk job) should possess. Always stay current on your CPR/First Aid certifications, may you never have to use them.

- Roxanne Boggs

Roxanne Boggs

Hillie (Expedition School Student) saved 2 lives within 2 weeks of her training!