Kimery Duda, Founder and Executive Director

Kimery’s base camp is Austin, Texas – but, she’ll be the first to tell you that her home is where her heart is – and, that is, in the field. Her passion for adventure was ignited in 1996 by an expedition set out to climb the highest peak in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba. She was taken under the wings of a Mexican family who exposed her to some of the most pristine cultural, historical, and natural sanctuaries throughout Mexico.

Since then, Kimery continues to create and provide opportunities which embrace the ethos of the expedition – through adventure and education in a sustainable way. Kimery has traveled, climbed, surfed, and skied extensively on an international scope. For the last 22 years, she has professionally guided students, adults, and families in Southeast Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and to local, state, and national parks in the United States. She has safeguarded over 1500 special events – including USAT; USARA; WFDF; and NICA sanctioned events. Whether on the water, single track mountain bike terrain, or open water swims, Kimery and her team has helped prevent and save many lives in their community as a first response medical team. Kimery and the staff of The Expedition School look forward to sharing and exchanging their knowledge, skills, and wisdom with you in the field.

  • Current Residence: Austin, Texas
  • Years of Guide Experience: 22
  • Years of Teaching Experience: 22
  • Skills: Teambuilding, surfing, mountaineering, photography, sea kayaking, and writing
  • AEMT

Dr. Mark Ackrell, Medical Director

Mark was born in 1965 in Honolulu, HI to parents with a bad case of wanderlust. He has been traveling ever since (50+ countries and counting). While growing up in Leicester, England and San Francisco, most of his athletic endeavors revolved around playing soccer. Since completing his residency in Emergency Medicine he has utilized his skills while working, traveling and playing throughout the world. He has been medical back up for climbing expeditions thru South America and Africa. He is a team physician for both for florida’s federal disaster medical assistance team (DMAT-FL4) as well as the state relief team (SRT-1) and has worked most of the recent hurricanes. He continues to be a clinical instructor for Univ. of Florida and is involved with NASA as a shuttle launch physician.


  • B.A. Physiology, Univ. of Ca, Berkeley
  • B.A. Biochemistry with minor in Mol. Biology, Univ. of Ca. Berkeley
  • M.D.University of Pittsburgh
  • Residency in Int Med & Emergency Medicine, Univ. of Florida, Jacksonville.


  • Medical Director, Emergency Dept South Austin Hospital
  • Clinical Instructor, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Univ. of Fl
  • Assoc. Director, Office of the Medical Director, Austin/Travis County EMS
  • Medical Director, The Expedition School, Austin Tx
  • Medical Director, Motorcycle Special Events Team , Austin Tx.
  • Team Physician: DMAT-FL 4
  • Team Physician: Fl SRT-1
  • Team Physician: Univ of Fl/NASA shuttle launch team
  • Certifications: FACEP, ATLS, ACLS, PALS, AHLS, AWLS, Hyperbaric Medicine, CCATT, ABLS
  • Current Residence: Austin, Texas
  • Years in the Field: 16
  • Skills: austere environment/pre-hospital medicine, scuba diving

Captain Brad Kaylor

Brad Kaylor is a native Texan, born just up the beach from Port Aransas, Texas where he established himself as an experienced waterman. He is an experienced open water lifeguard as well as a licensed USCG Captain. Brad has taken his love for the water and adventure to such places as Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Hawaii where he has surfed, sailed, and delivered yachts all over the world.

Brad discovered Stand Up Paddle boarding in 2007 when he took his son to a surf clinic in Hawaii put on by legendary surfer Derrick Doerner. He currently paddles the Highland Lakes and all along the Gulf Coast. He is a participating supporter of Surfrider.

Brad is a 10 year veteran of the Expedition School and adds 30 plus years of waterman experience to various programs and events.

Skills: Surfing, Captaining sailing and power yachts, stand up paddle boarding, lifeguarding, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, camping.

Sharon Barclay

  • RN, AAS Paramedicine
  • ACLS, BLS, WFA, AWLS Instructor
  • Experienced backpacking, orienteering, canoeing guide

Lynne Lingo

  • BBA Accounting with minor in Business, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tx
  • AD Nursing, Austin Community College, Austin, Tx
  • BS Nursing, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Tx
  • Assistant Director, Paramedic/RN, The Expedition School
  • Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Baylor Scott & White
  • Licensed Paramedic, City of Burnet for 21 years (Retired from Williamson County EMS)
  • Fire Fighter, City of Burnet
  • ACLS, PALS, BLS, AMLS, BTLS, EPC, WFA, and Red Cross Instructor

After spending 20 years as a CPA in public accounting, I turned to anything and everything outdoors spending the next 20 years as a paramedic/fire fighter/instructor and now adding nursing to my unusual journey. As a 3rd generation Texan my hobbies include travel, camping, hiking, horses, water activities, and anything else that comes my way. I was fortunate to raise my sons in the outdoors experiencing miles and miles of Texas adventure traveling on horseback. I am now privileged to be introducing my six grandchildren to the same extraordinary experiences cultivating their love of the outdoors and the rich history of our State and Country.

Caity Martin

Caity started working with The Expedition School in 2010 and developed her passion for teaching in the outdoors. She grew up in New Mexico and loves that her parents helped her love climbing, skiing, watersports, and backpacking. She hopes to eventually visit all the National Parks in the US, but will settle for any type of travel!

Molly McCreary

As an outdoor guide, Molly hopes to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to live life outdoors. With The Expedition School, she has guided trips, and taught life guarding classes and paddling lessons. She is currently pursuing a geophysics degree at Texas A&M to better understand the world around her in order to help preserve natural lands.

Justin Pisz

Justin has lived in Austin since 1993. He works as a professional firefighter and an EMT. He loves being outdoors and is an avid rock climber and SCUBA diver. When not rock climbing, he spends time with his family, and in training his 2 dogs.

Bruno Poco

Bruno grew up in South Africa and started his career there as a teacher, coach, and lecturer. After immigrating to the US, he took the opportunity to change his career towards something he has always wanted to do: outdoor education. Since then, he has taught children how to ride and maintain bikes in Chicago, and worked as a kayaking guide in Chicago and Austin. He is an avid kayaker, climber, fly-fisherman, cyclist, and photographer, and values constantly learning. Whether it’s attending pool sessions to practice Eskimo rolls or teaching a weekend course in trad climbing, he is always active and ready to learn and teach others.

Jess Rains

Jess is the Virtual Assistant and works on all things related to scheduling and office productivity. Her previous career experience includes thirteen years working in a natural history collection, as well as over a decade of experience in the non-profit world. She enjoys working in the small and/or locally-owned business environment for a variety of reasons, but especially for the opportunity to help that business reach its vision.

Lindsay Robbins, Professional Guide & Educator

Certifications: ACA Kayak & SUP Instructor, Waterfront Lifeguard, NASP Archery Instructor, First Aid & CPR, Leave No Trace Educator, Level II Challenge Course Practitioner

Lindsay is an avid hiker, biker, and paddler with a fierce love for all things outdoors. Her favorite teaching style includes immersing groups into a thorough team building experience. Off the clock, she can often be found in a hammock in the backcountry.

Bonus Fact: A true naturalist, Lindsay has a fascination with tarantulas and currently keeps 12 in her home.

Adam Shedlosky

Growing up in Albuquerque and Austin, Adam has cultivated his love for the out of doors from his family’s travels. He appreciates the power of adventure to engage both mind and body. As a guide, he comes with an innate gift of connecting community while fostering educational experiences for novice and experienced students alike.

Certifications: American Red Cross Instructor, Waterfront LG, WFA, WSI, Small Craft Water Safety, ACA SUP & Kayak Instructor

Kim Sorensen

Kim has been an Expedition School guide, medic and educator since 2008. American Canoe Association SUP/Kayak Instructor Trainer. American Red Cross Instructor. She enjoys spending time outside camping, paddling, fishing, hiking, taking pictures and painting watercolors!

Elliott Trahan

Born and raised in Austin, Elliott joined the team in 2015 and has worked as a guide and lifeguard every summer since then. He graduated from St. Stephens Episcopal School in May, and is currently working and traveling in South America and Europe before starting college at Tufts University in Boston next fall. He hopes to continue working for The Expedition School when he’s in town, and spreading the gospel of outdoor adventure and safety when he’s away!

Kelsey Titzman

Kelsey began guiding with The Expedition School in the summer of 2014 with a degree in Biology, as well as prior work experience in ropes course team building, backpacking guiding, and environmental education. Her passions are people, adventure, healthcare, and nature. Her favorite part about guiding is sharing the outdoors with others and the life lessons learned along the way.

Kerstin Wiggins, SUP Instructor

An avid stand up paddler, Kerstin has been paddling the Texas waterways for over 5 years. A surfer at heart, she has surfed waves in Texas, California, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. She infuses her love of SUP and surfing and her desire to connect with others in a meaningful way in each interaction she has with students on the water. She faithfully practices her pop ups and sees each new day as an opportunity to practice what surfing and Stand Up Paddling requires… a still mind, healthy body, strong inner core (inside & out), respect for Mother Nature and a sense of wonder and adventure.

When not on the water, Kerstin can be found with a camera in hand photographing the natural landscape, with a pen in hand jotting down bursts of inspiration or with headphones on listening to Led Zeppelin.

Kerstin fully subscribes to the philosophy that you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn SUP or Surf! And you’ll find no better teachers than the extraordinary staff of the Expedition School!

Certifications: Waterfront Lifeguard, CPR/First Aid, Wilderness
First Aid, ACA Certified SUP Instructor, SUPcore™ Instructor

Current Residence: Austin, Texas

Skills: Sstand up paddling, surfing, landscape photography, writing,
and smoothie-maker extraordinaire

Grace Worm

Grace isn’t from anywhere, she grew up with a military father, moving all around the world, and staying as active as possible along the way. She has taught everything from pre-school to University level, and any subject from Biology to climbing instructing. Currently she is teaching English, and a University of Texas Rhetoric course at Dripping Springs High School, as well as guiding for The Expedition School.