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Each hot tub owner has unique needs and habits. Most of our customers do not require added support products on a regular basis. Our store contains less toxic and most effective problem solvers on the market for those times when you need them. These hot tub supplies and supplements can aid you in preventing water quality issues, keeping water in balance and help you in water recovery. The goal is to minimize your time when you’ve slacked off on maintenance, have heavy bather loads or your tub needs some love. Choosing the right support products for you will create a hot tub or spa experience that is clean & clear, kind to your body and easy to maintain – but most importantly worry free.

Our goal is to allow you to bathe chemical-free but give you the tools to keep your water safe and easy to maintain.


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Weekly or bi-weekly.

Every week for heavier bather loads (3-5 people 3 plus times per week). Every 2 weeks for light bather loads(1-3 people, 2 to 3 times per week).
1. Add 1 pt. of peroxide every week for the first month. Pour it into the water all at once – near or into 2. Run the jets bubble on high for 35-45 minutes or one auto cycle.
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2. Water Balance. The ahhNatural system performs best when pH is between 7.0 – 8.2. Use one tablespoon of ahhUP (Sodium Bicarbonate) to raise ph. To lower ph use one tablespoon of ahhDOWN (Vitamin C). It’s important to control the pH (acidity) of your spa system. Natural spring water has an ideal PH of 8.0.
If your water is extremely high or low you will need to use other pH-adjusting products to make big moves and avoid cloudy water. We encourage you to let your tub find it’s natural PH- 7.6 -8.4 is normal. 8.0 is ideal.
3. Less is more. Resist adding more treatments to your spa or hot tub. If a problem arises, increase the circulation and don’t bathe for a day. Allow your water to self-correct. To cut down your maintenance time, fluff your ahhNatural mineral bag once a week before exiting your tub so it can release old particulates and absorb new contaminants. Also, turning on your jets and shutting your cover upon exit, will assure your tub is clear and clean when you return.
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Every 2-3 weeks.

Clean your filters. Remove filters. Hose off all debris with a power nozzle or Filter Flosser. Apply SeaKlear Filter cleaner to remove body oils and dirt as needed.
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PRO TIP: You can alternate spray treatment with a gentler application of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Hose off all debris with a power nozzle or Filter Flosser. Pour 1 pint 3% peroxide directly on the filters. Place in a bucket and cover with water. Let sit for 1-hour min – hose off again.

Every month – prevention.

The fewer contaminates you bring into your hot tub, the less maintenance time it will require. Constant preventative care will make your hot tub hassle free and crystal clear. Avoid allowing lotions, sunscreens and detergents to enter the hot tub. Being conscientious before bathing lowers maintenance significantly. We recommend a sponge bath or shower if lotions, sweat or sunscreens are present on ski and pre-rinsing freshly laundered bathing suits to eliminate detergents.

Add a capful of Spa Perfect, botanical enzymes to break down body oils, sunscreens and other organics help break down these solids if they enter your water. It also allows filters to work more efficiently. Spa Perfect is essential for families with kids and vacation rentals.

Using a monthly microdose of 1/4 teaspoon of ahh-some gel when you clean your filters is a simple pro-active habit. Keep your filters in and jets running. As the foam forms, you will see dirt, pollen and oils collect. After 30 minutes, remove foam with a skimmer (Or clean snow shovel) remove your filters and clean. This practice will aid in removing common body organics – like oils and sweat and is also great practice for quick recovery after large bather loads.

Quick clean up.

If you sense the water is compromised the faster you act the better. Add 1/2 cup bleach to water or use SeaKlear Natural Oxidizer to SHOCK the water. If water is cloudy, you can add 1/4 teaspoon of the ahh-some gel at the same time. As the foam forms, you will see dirt, pollen and oils collect. After 30 minutes, remove foam with a skimmer (Or clean snow shovel).

PRO TIP – Leaving the cover open and running the jets will speed up the evaporation of bleach. This practice will enable you to recover the water and bathe chem-free quicker. Use your test strips, when you see a ZERO reading for chlorine, hose off the debris from your filters and it’s time to soak chem-free again.


– Change your water 3-4 times per year.
– Use ahh-some jet cleaner before you drain. Follow the directions on the label.
– Add 2 Cups of salt crystals to new water after refilling (included in the ahhNATURAL 1-year kit).

Yearly Replacement.

The ahhNATURAL mineral bag lasts up to one year with normal use. Sign up for auto reorder here and save $30.

How can you tell if the bag is ready to be replaced?

– Sandy debris: After about a year of normal use, the minerals in the bag become over oxidized ˇ black in color versus golden. The effectiveness of the minerals has diminishes significantly and you will see more sandy black deposits on the bottom of your tub.

– Lower performance: The water will recover slower, seem thicker and dull with regular use and especially after your occasional hot tub summit you may not see the water recover the way it should.

– Large mineral deposits. Protect your hot tub. If you push the expiration too far past the one year mark you run the risk of having a large release of the minerals spill from the bag into your spa. The clean up is not fun, to say the least – and could create a hazard to your tub.

High-Performance Tips.

Easy party strategy.

If you have guests be preventative. Before they arrive, add a pint of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide or a dose of SeaKlear Shock (pick only one) along with 1 capful of Spa Perfect into the hot tub or spa before and after guests arrive. Clean your filters the next day. Run your jets before you go to bed. If necessary, let your tub rest for a day or two to allow the ahh Natural system to self-correct.

Planning a vacation?

Leave for as long as you’d like worry-free. When you return your spa will still be crystal clear, but your filters will be dirty. For periods up to two weeks– clean your filters and add a pint of Hydrogen Peroxide and a capful of Spa Perfect before and after your trip.

Leaving for a month or more?

Returning to clear clean water is simple.
1. Prepare your tub by cleaning your filters, adding 2 Cups of household bleach to your tub along with a capful of Spa Perfect before your trip.
2. Clean your filters immediately after your trip and add 1 quart of peroxide. Run your jets on high, cover up for 30 minutes. If there is fitter debris any odor or cloudiness add 1/2 teaspoon of ahh-some gel and repeat the bleach treatment, run the jets for 30 minutes. Remove dirty foam from the tub. You can avoid the bleach by allowing the tub to run longer with the lid up, ahhNATURAL usually will self-correct in 24 hours.
3. Reactivate your AhhNatural mineral bag. (See maintenance.)

Keeping your filters clean doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Have a second set of filters to rotate into your hot tub as you power clean and soak the first set in a bucket of Hydrogen Peroxide and water. For a deep clean use a filter cleaner to remove body oils and dirt. You can also use Spa Perfect – a less toxic way to deep clean – add a capful to a bucket of hot water let soak for 1 hour, hose off dirt and oils.

Clean means easier.

If your dirty or sweaty showering before use is recommended. Remember if you overload your spa lotions, detergents or body contaminates it will require more maintenance. Keeping your spa free of dirt and oil is simple if you are conscientious to what you bring into the spa water. Avoid getting in with excess cosmetics, suntan lotions and detergents. If you want to use aromatherapy try placing the essential oils on your earlobes or use natural organic products. Avoid synthetic aromatherapy products.