You get 3 months to try ahhNatural along with 3 months of real person hot tub coaching. We pride ourselves on you LOVING your hot tub and are committed to making you smile. If you bought your ahhNATURL products online from us you are instantly covered from the date of purchase. NOT DATE OF INSTALLATION. If you bought ahhNatural from a retailer you must register online to be covered. LINK>>>>

What is covered?

1. Manufacturing defect. If you think there’s a flaw send us a picture and a written request for a replacement. We will let you know if we need the product returned to us depending on the need for inspection of the condition of the bag. Our goal is to offer the finest quality to our customers. AhhNatural is manufactured with care and inspected before shipping.
2. Performance and water quality. ahhNatural is proven to keep water clean and clear. If it’s not we will get to the root of your problem. This guarantee allows us to work with you to diagnose and resolve the root cause. Your observations are key. We will send you questions to help us help you.

The catch.

Our guarantee allows us to be able to work to correct the problem before issuing a refund. ahhNatural is allowed to correct the problem with the full cooperation of the customer.
If any of the above conditions are violated the warranty is void. Our refund check will be issued after the return and inspection of the product. The process can take up to 60 days. Check amounts are less tax, shipping and handling. All Returns must be authorized by ahhNatural.

Your hot tub facts must be in compliance with our hot tub and spa specifications. Your use must fall within our compliance with our hot tub and spa specifications. Confirmation /proof of use and tub information (photocopy from Manual) is accurate with your original customer order facts when you placed your order (we take pride in assuring ahh is a great match for you and your tub).

We will require an exit interview within 2 weeks of the request of your return (this is how we learn). And will void the warranty if refused.

Any issues that are due to no fault of our own such as water source issues, bather loads, or hot tub/spa size specifications that fall outside of our user guidelines. Natural disasters, environmental exposures and contaminations are excluded from refunds. We will continue to coach you and personalize your maintenance plan to overcome any of these circumstances.


It’s VERY rare, but If you are needing to request a refund in writing prior to shipping and return the item (with receipt) to be inspected to
ahhNatural, LLC 12036 Pine Forest Rd. Truckee, CA 96161
Refunds will be issued less shipping and tax. But can include equivalent return postage. Please request return labels or include the receipt for postage. Credit can take up to 30 days. All Returns must be authorized by ahhNatural.


CHANGE OF HEART. If you bought your ahhNatural Kit directly from us and have not used your ahh Kit, there is a $45 re-stocking fee. The request must be made inside of 15 days from the date of purchase. Refunds will be issued less shipping and tax. But can include equivalent return postage. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer, please include the receipt for a postage refund. Credit can take up to 30 days and will be issued to the CC used for purchase.

DO NOT mail products to ahhNatural bought from a retailer. Credits for items purchased will be made by the retailer and are not the responsibility of ahhNatural. In the case of manufacturer defects, we will gladly provide a replacement of up to 3 months of purchase. Submit your request, receipt in writing with photographs to