Will ahhNatural work in MY tub?

ahhNatural is designed to work in all types of residential hot tubs and spas – custom, wood, stone, fiberglass and vinyl. One ahh mineral bag works in any kind of hot tub or spa that contains 250-400 gallons without ozone – or up to 500 with ozone or UV. ahhNatural is ideal for low to moderate use – 2-3 bathers, 5 times per week. For more details check out our tub types page.

Who uses ahhNatural?

Our products are perfect for those who are chemically sensitive and allow those seeking cleaner, greener products to align their hot tubs with their lifestyle. ahh has also been recommended by several health practitioners to moms and Moms-to-be and many who are addressing health challenges such as, eczema, asthma, limes, lupus, arthritis and even cancer. ahhNatural allows everyone to relax and soak up something good.

Will ahhNatural damage my hot tub?

ahhNatural is exponentially less corrosive than chlorine, bromine or MPS. Many of the top brands like HotSpring and Sundance have recommended ahhNatural to their customers who are not able or wanting to use standard chemicals. ahhNatural is not a salt water system and will not void warranties or harm the heating element.

What is my maintenance going to be like?

You will do many of things the same like, cleaning filters and cleaning up after a hot tub summit. ahhNatural works 24/7-365 days a year, so you’ll have less messing around with testing and being a mad scientist. Many customers find they have more time for soaking and less time fussing. Full startup and maintenance.

Do you guarantee and offer product support?

Yes. All new customers get 3 months of support and coaching along with our 3-month happy people guarantee. We have a super high happy factor and very low returns. But, some tubs do take more work than others to get the gunk or old chemicals cleaned before it’s smooth sailing – those who stay committed say it’s worth it!

What’s in ahhNatural and how does it compare to other “natural” products?

We use a unique blend of copper-zinc-zeolite creates an electro-bacteriostatic reaction that controls bacteria and algae, reduces bio-film and absorbs body contaminates like sweat. Our minerals also help lessen scale and heavy metals found in many water sources. And will not leach into the water, unlike other mineral systems. See how we compare or read how it works. [PAGE LINKS COMMING SOON}

Is ahhNatural EPA Certified?

No, It is not. Information and statements have not been evaluated or reviewed by the EPA or FDA or NSA. Our suppliers allow us to publish their EPA Establishment # which are on the packaging.
ahhNatural, water care is not a sanitizer, biocide, or pesticide. The EPA will only register a product as a sanitizer, biocide or pesticide if it contains an “active ingredient” that is toxic or deadly to animals and/or plants/humans. ahhNatural does not contain any “active ingredient” that requires registration. Therefore the product cannot be registered by the EPA. Other big chemical brands have many support products that also fall under this same rule.

Can I use other natural cleaning products in my hot tub?

Yes, you can. You actually do want to avoid using detergent or many chemical-based cleaners on your cover, shell and jets. You can use natural cleaners. We love enzymes! Check out our 4 common household pantry products that work great. Or you can buy our favorite lemon fresh botanical enzyme cleaner Clean & Perfect<.
LINK TO: http://dev.blasedesign.com/clients/ahhnatural/how-to-clean/ ‎

Can I ever add chlorine or bromine to my spa when using ahhNatural?

Yes to Chlorine, No to Bromine. The ahhNatural minerals will actually help get rid of chlorine commonly found in city water. On occasion, you can rescue water by using a (LINK)shock(LINK). Common reasons for shocking include overload of contaminates after heavy use – Slacking off on maintenance – Needing to kill bacteria, algae, viruses or pathogens carried into the tub.

How do I know my ahhNatural is working?

A: When the ahhNatural is oxidizing and absorbing contaminants the water will be clear and odor free.

Can I test for bacteria in my spa?

There’s really not an affordable bacteria kit. Bacteria will display fast and is generally carried into the hot tub or festers in the plumbing or filters. It smells like rotting lettuce or a fish tank. It will exponentially bloom and make a big mess. Be smart-don’t bathe in suspect water. Simply follow our {LINK}shock {LINK}instructions.

Will I have to do anything to maintain my spa?

A: Yes. All hot tubs require regular maintenance and prevention. Simply follow the maintenance instructions provided with your ahhNatural 1-year kit.

After a party with heavy bather load and the spa water is cloudy, should I add chemicals?

Yes, but first clean your filters before you add a {LINK}shock{LINK} if it’s really trashed and/or increase the circulation and see if it clears up in a day.

I am going on vacation, what should I do about my spa?

A: Go on vacation and have a great time. When you return your spa will be crystal clear. If you’re away for a season and drain your spa, make sure the bag stays wet covered in a bucket.

How will I know when to change my ahhNatural?

The life of the ahhNatural is up to a year depending on usage, spa size, etc. When the minerals are no longer golden It’s time for a new bag, Place the bag in your sink and swish. Fine mineral deposits will appear for you to look at. The water might be slower to recover and seem more temperamental.

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